Month: May 2018

Hotel Amenities For Coffee Lovers

Posted on by Casa

It’s pretty hard to start the day without a swig of a full, hot cup of coffee. When people stop at a hotel or motel after a long nocturnal journey, it’s natural for them to want the comfort of a steaming mug of coffee along with their breakfast. But can you make something more luxurious and elaborate with coffee, for your coffee-lover guests who are staying at your hotel for a staycation?

Here are some tips to help you through it:
1. Have a coffee maker in hotel rooms: If you include a coffee maker in any of your hotel room suites, it can attract many guests who have a deep devotion to coffee. Many hotel rooms include instant coffee sachets and water heaters. The idea of having a whole coffee maker in every room certainly makes an excellent impression on everybody’s mind. Not only coffee-lovers, but it will attract all and sundry towards your hotel.

2. Free-flowing coffee in the pantry: Coffee-lovers would love to have a free-flowing coffee close to their breakfast table. Just imagine your pantry room brimming with the happy laughter of your content clients and also with the rich aroma of coffee. In this way, your hotel can attain success in business and can be famous for its this new and creative approach to coffee-lovers. You should make sure that everybody can get the type of coffee they prefer most Some people like extra finely ground coffee while others can have a preference for coarse-grind coffee.

3. Spa with coffee: It will be every coffee lovers heaven if you can have a spa as a hotel amenity which gives you a full body scrub with semi-coarse coffee beans along with serving you a hot cup of coffee for relaxation afterward. People will rush towards the spa after a tiring, long day of travel and get some moments of calmness and comfort in your spa. A spa wafting the strong smell of coffee can stupefy a genuine lover of coffee. People will huddle towards you spa like a group of ants which has smelled something sweet.

4. Welcome your guests with a delicious cup of coffee: Hotels often welcome their guests after their arrival with a complimentary glass of juice or sherbet. Upon entering you hotel premises, ask your guests what they would like to have. If someone wants to have coffee, serve them the steaming mug right away! If you follow this custom in your hotel, we will soon have a reputation for being generous to your guests, not only a coarse money-monger businessman.

5. Have a small coffee shop dedicated to serving all kinds of coffee: According to the coffee grind chart, there are seven grind levels of coffee, starting from extra coarse grind to extra fine grind. There are also different types of coffee existing in this world. You have a coffee shop dedicated to serving every coffee-lover their choice of coffee, then it will only add another star to your hotel.

You will take the fame of your hotel to another level. So, here are some ideas on how you can create a ‘coffee-friendly environment’ for your hotel. I hope these ideas will immensely benefit you Good Luck and may fair fortune be with you!

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